Co-creating innovation in a multi-generation workforce

Co-creating innovation in a multi-generation workforce

We are a multi-generation workforce company, and our teams comprise cohorts of different ages working together to achieve a common innovation goal. It is usually perceived that fellows of the same age group synchronize well due to the common influence of social, cultural, behavioural, and historical of their times.  Being a pureplay Software Product company, we are always on the edge of creating new intellectual properties of our own. Two critical factors that contribute to our scale of product innovation is our technological strength and built-up knowledge base.


Technological advancements have been rapid, and technologies of today are much greater relative to previous decades.  The young generation workforce comes with knowledge of the latest technologies that suit modern software product development.  However, the cognitive demands of current software product development demand a combination of applying the latest technologies coupled with the transfer of tacit and experiential knowledge-built over the years.  Software product making requires a high amount of interpersonal and interdependent skills.


We are a flat organization with increased autonomy for employees at all levels to work independently and without supervision.  We are also a combination of Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation X, and Generation Z.  While the latest technology advancement is driven by “iGen” of the latest Generations, Baby Boomers and Millennials drive the knowledge and experience.  We have integrated technology and expertise to make the best of software products for the global environment.


The success lies in bridging generational differences so that each generation feels more deprived without the active support of other generations.  The inter-weaving of technology and experience to that optimum mix makes a perfect and winning team capable of success.  At Sathguru Soft, we owe our success to this perfect balance and we are proud of our mixed-generational team that almost work like cohorts of one generation to achieve their pursuits and goals.


Written by
(Ragu)nathan Kannan