Interview with Srikanth Kapu: The Brains Behind CryptoESIGN


Let’s begin by congratulating Srikanth! We’re all incredibly impressed with CryptoESIGN.

1. Can you tell us a bit about what inspired you to develop this product?

  • The need to accelerate approval processes and reduce administrative overhead by eliminating paper-based workflows.
  • The demand for secure, tamper-proof, and legally compliant document cloud solution.
  • The push to support remote work and international collaboration, allowing stakeholders to sign documents anytime, anywhere.


Innovation and Impact:

2. CryptoESIGN boasts a feature set that rivals the competition. What unique challenges did you overcome to achieve this level of functionality as a single developer?

Utilizing cutting-edge encryption and multifactor authentication to protect documents and ensure secured authorized only access.

The main challenge to overcome is security. For that we included below points

  1. Encrypted Document Storage: All documents are stored using advanced encryption to safeguard against unauthorized access and data breaches and certain type of documents are stored in cloud valut.
  2. Password-Protected Access: Only the designated signature participants receive unique passwords to decrypt and access the document, maintaining strict confidentiality.
  3. Controlled Participant Access: Access is restricted exclusively to authorized signers, ensuring that only intended parties can view and interact with the document.

3. How has CryptoESIGN been received by the market from adaptability? Can you share any success stories or positive feedback you’ve received from users about not needing any training for a user to onboard?

We never gave any training to use the application because we designed it as “word inspired”. Since everyone is familiar with Word, they had great familiarity once they saw our front screen.  We further approached it with self-teaching videos in each action of usage. It helped all our users to use the application without training and with all the confidence from the time Go.


Sathguru Soft Environment:

4. What kind of support did you receive from Sathguru Soft during the development of CryptoESIGN? Did the company culture foster your creativity and innovation?

Firstly, I was given full freedom to design and build and whenever and wherever help was needed, all seniors were ready to offer a helping hand.  I got many ideas from seniors to solve when I encountered problems and selected the best that suited my environment.


5. What aspects of Sathguru Soft’s work environment do you find most conducive to developing groundbreaking products like CryptoESIGN?

  • Innovative Culture: Encouraging creativity and risk-taking, allowing employees to experiment and pursue novel ideas without fear of failure.
  • Collaborative Atmosphere: Promoting cross-functional teamwork and open communication, which fosters diverse perspectives and innovative problem-solving.


Motivation and Inspiration:

6. Building a product from scratch can be daunting. What kept you motivated throughout the development process?

Building a product from scratch is challenging, but staying focused on the vision of creating innovative solutions kept me motivated.

7. What advice would you give to other aspiring developers at Sathguru Soft who dream of creating similar game-changing products?

Be fearless in exploring new ideas and technologies, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  Ready to accept any work.  Stay committed to your vision, persevere through challenges, and continuously learn and adapt along the journey.


Future of CryptoESIGN:

8. What exciting features or functionalities can we expect to see in future iterations of CryptoESIGN?

We have a big bucket list of features and are prioritising one by one.  Some of the near release ones are:

  • Template API with no-code form fields with validations and related API
  • Creating quotation and invoice with excel like computational facilities using cryptoesign on the fly
  • Enhanced Aadhar KYC verification
  • Every signature to be digital signature

9. How do you envision CryptoESIGN evolving alongside the ever-changing technological landscape?

CryptoESIGN is already unique by its design, Word inspired format, advanced template handling, and host of other features.  It is also secured and USFDA 21 CFR Part XI compliant.  We set newer trends with our flexible design and make it a tool that every CIO will have as one they must buy and use

10. For those interested in a career where innovation is celebrated, what would you tell them about the opportunities at Sathguru Soft?

Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and out-of-the-box thinking, empowering you to bring your boldest ideas. Benefit from continuous learning initiatives, mentorship, and a supportive ecosystem that fuels your growth.

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